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Lack of responsible development and abundance of poor development choices.

This is a core issue for a lot of the problems that face East Fort Worth as a whole.  Crime is higher in part because there are not many businesses with good career options, but new business doesn’t want to come here because of the crime and lower disposable income.  At the same time, the city is more reluctant to invest into or fix problems in District 5 in part because of the lower tax base, but new quality development doesn't want invest money without the city fixing the current problems.  This creates a revolving door of problems that ultimately compound on one another and cause things to get worse over time. Thomas plans to break this cycle by fixing the current problems that are within the city's control, and better marketing District to potential new business.  This will have greater potential to help to bring in more and better jobs to the area, which will then compound itself in a positive way to attract more quality business and people and help District 5 to prosper.

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